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 { fort weyr . present pass . early morning }

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{ fort weyr . present pass . early morning } Empty
PostSubject: { fort weyr . present pass . early morning }   { fort weyr . present pass . early morning } Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2012 1:03 pm

Day broke upon Fort Weyr. A palette of golds and rosy hues stretched across the sky of Pern, the looming red giant hanging within the heavens as a reminder of why the Fort exisited within the first place. Why, might you ask? Please, allow me to explain. Oh! Watch out! In swooped a giant form, shadow stretching across the earth as it's wings banked to allow its claws to clutch the landing edge of one of the outjutting entrances to the weyr. Furling the massive apparatuses back into the golden radiance of its back, the whirring irises which the creature possessed glowed along with her skin in a comforting manner, massive cranium swinging about the area in an apprehensive manner. You see, Fort weyr was here because of this beast. Because of the dragon.

Named after the mythical creatures derrived from the culture of the people who first traveled to the planet, dragons where a species that thrived on Pern. A species that imprinted upon humans and faught the vicious and merciful thread that fell from the red star above. And this particular golden queen - one of the only females and the one that supplied the greatest clutch of eggs - was in forever companionship with the Weyrwoman that slid off her back, clad in the riding hides that every rider adorned whilst flying in the cold darkness of between whilst their steeds traveled through distance in a mere second, and her wild russet curls styled into a vague updo with cascading tendrils framing her sharp green eyes, this was Faye. She affectionately caressed her radiant queen's muzzle, looking out onto the view exposed from their landing perch and upon her world. Pern.

" Black, blacker, blackest; colder beyond frozen things
Where is
between when there is naught,
To life but fragile dragon wings?

Her own weyr was in sight, and as the new woman of the weyr, today was an important and special day for her and her beauty. Today was the day her queen, Essynth, would rise to mate. And she was rather nervous about the whole prospect, due to the fact that she shared an emotional bound with her dragon and whomever's bronze that would ride her would become her weyrmate. The leader of Fort Weyr, as well as her lover. The dragons where all restless today, and Essynth seemed to pay it no heed, settling down within her own room with a massive sigh and eying Faye with an inquisitive air. What ails you? her warm, wise tone wetn through the cavern of her mind.

"I am only preparing myself for your first mating flight, my love," She replied with a small, hesitant smile, and that seemed to suffice for the queen for now, as she huffed. Faye turned to glance out of her weyr's opening, watching the sun rise above the horizon and wondering who would be the one to become her companion...
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{ fort weyr . present pass . early morning }
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